Activities - 10th Grade

Virtual Tour of College Campuses — Optional

Use your computer and do a virtual tour of 10 campuses of interest. Look at the general layout of the campuses. Do they have the academic departments where you have interest? What do they cost? Are there residence halls, or would you need to commute? Once you finish your tour, rank the colleges and tell your family the pros and cons as you see them.


Meet with High School Counselor — A Must

Meet again, early in the year, with your school counselor. He or she will alert you as to the upcoming schedule of events for the year, and check your progress.

Discuss College Major Fields — A Must

Begin to discuss college major fields with family and your counselor. You will not only need to pick a college, but you also need to pick a major field of study in the future. Some of you will pick general liberal arts as a major, which is a very important major, but does not lead directly into an occupation. Many who choose liberal arts decide on an occupational field as a part of a graduate program.


10th Grade Activity

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