Best Steps to College™


About the time you reach the 9th grade, there begins to be discussions of college around the family dinner table. Some of the discussion is factual, but some is mere rumor or piecemeal at best. The question often comes up, "Where shall we start, and what is the sequence of events that will get me into the college of my choice?"

We have found that a confusing, random search takes place that can be very frustrating to a worried family. Some one-hundred+ events and programs should be accomplished by the end of the twelfth grade. Yet, most families are without a pathway.

Our mission for Best Steps to College™ is to offer direction, expert advice and proven references regarding the process of college entrance. As Deans and Directors of Admission and College Counseling, we have been on the other side of the college selection table. Best Steps to College™ indexes and sequences the important events to college from the 9th grade through the 12th in six important areas. Each event is stated, and a "sticky note" gives you professional direction. Events have internet, book or article reference(s) hand-picked to give you the best information. This way you receive a clear sequencing of when and what to do in the process of becoming ready for college.